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A review written by Jack Wallen from Bluestar Linux: A Beautiful Take on KDE and a User-Friendly Arch-Based Distribution Bluestar is an easy-to-use Arch Linux-powered distribution with a new take on the KDE desktop.Creative Commons ZeroPixabay


A review written by Jessie Smith from The distribution I have been asked most frequently to cover so far in 2018 is ArchMerge, an Arch-based project which runs the Xfce desktop environment and can be installed using the Calamares system installer. If the description sounds familiar, it should, as this


The beautiful thing about Linux is the freedom to use any desktop setup you want. Some people like to have a desktop with all the bells and whistles, like KDE. Others like the option to have a minimal, but useful desktop. ArchLabs fits into the latter category. Inspiration for ArchLabs Like most


Introducing The Arch Linux Summer 2019 Community Challenge A reivew written by Jason Evangelho from Welcome to the Linux community challenge you probably weren't expecting. Arch Linux is notorious for being three things: ridiculously customizable. lightweight and difficult to install. Arch is a rolling release distro that eschews the simple,


A review by Simon Connah from In this review, we look at the Linux distribution known as Manjaro Linux. For those that are unaware Manjaro Linux is a derivative of Arch Linux which is a rather well known rolling release distribution which is well known for